Hi, I’m Elisa.


I’m currently working for BR Data, the data journalistic unit of Bayerischer Rundfunk (ARD) in Munich. We mainly focus on data-driven investigative stories. Previously I was happy to be part of CORRECTIV in Berlin, during my time as Google News Fellow working on stories like „Wem gehört Hamburg?“.

The Summer 2017 I spent at the Lede Program which trains students in Computing and Data Science at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City. I learned to use tools for data analysis such as Python to really dig deep into data to find surprising patterns.

I was trained as an editor in the „Kompaktklasse“  at the German Journalism School (DJS) in Munich.  In addition, I worked as intern for Süddeutsche ZeitungStuttgarter Zeitung, the ARD Morgenmagazin and the Heute Show (ZDF).

In the meantime I finished my Master’s degree at the University of Konstanz  in International Administration and Conflict Management, working mainly on topics like corruption and bribery. Also, I was involved in Leadership for Syria, a scholarship program launched by the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs where Syrian students get to learn about political settlements, how to rebuild administrative structures and to fight against corruption in war-torn countries.

Throughout my studies and my journalistic work I was always driven by the fact that data is produced and collected by human beings. I truly believe that data-driven stories can make people able to understand complex issues and shed light on hidden facts. They can make a difference.

Find me on linkedIn , Twitter. My past projects on GitHub and torial.


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